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Official support for Freeway Express, Freeway Pro and Sandvox

Freeway Express and Freeway Pro Web Hosting
We frequently receive emails asking about compatibility with Freeway Express, Freeway Pro and Sandvox. While these have always been compatible with our web hosting platform, we are delighted to announce that that we have now added official support for Freeway Express, Freeway Pro and Sandvox. This is in addition to RapidWeaver and iWeb, and means:

  • We have certified our web hosting platform to be compatible with RapidWeaver, iWeb, Freeway Express, Freeway Pro and Sandvox.
  • Our support team will be able to assist you if you have any problems publishing websites with all of these applications.

Here at the correct publishing settings for use with Freeway Express and Freeway Pro:
Sandvox Web Hosting Certified
When using Sandvox, click the “Setup Host” button, and use the following settings:

Sandvox Web Hosting 1

Sandvox Web Hosting 2

Make sure to replace the username and password with the information you received in your welcome email from DV Host. If you have any questions, please feel free to use the comments section below or contact our support team who will be delighted to assist you.