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RapidWeaver 5.0.2 update now available

The official announcement from Realmac Software can be found here. We recommend this update to all our customers currently using RapidWeaver 5 or 5.0.1. To update, all you need to do is select Check for Updates... in the File menu:

RapidWeaver 5 Update

Changes in RapidWeaver 5.0.2
  • Fixed a couple of items relating to the handling out-of-date plugins.
  • Fixed an issue with the Site Setup sheet not binding to the correct document.
  • Cruftless links are now correctly tidied.
  • Added the ability to drag in multiple files to the resources area.
  • Fixed an issue with views not updating when removing a resource from the project.
  • Re-worked Theme Consolidation to respect the order in which stylesheets appear in a document (respecting the order of variations vs main stylesheet etc).
  • Added an Option-Click feature on the ‘Copy Resource URL’ button to automatically generate a &#xre;source% macro to the file.
  • Fixed an issue that prevented links to Resources, when made via the Add Link sheet, working in RW’s Preview mode.
  • Fixed a crash relating to the Help buttons in the Site Setup sheets.
  • Fixed consolidation of media-query stylesheets.
  • Fixed an issue with the omission of Alt attributes on images.
  • Fixed an issue that prevented users inserting custom snippets for inline styling into the Media Inspector.
  • Fixed an issue that would cause RapidWeaver to crash after registration on some systems.
  • Fixed an issue that would cause a number of error messages to appear with placeholder strings.
  • Fixed an issue with relative links not working in plugin subpages (such as Blog archives etc).
  • Fixed Theme Consolidation to work in Photo Album subpages (individual album pages).
  • Added a 16x16 application icon.
  • Fixed a number of Resources issues to prevent the dragging in of bundles (folders with extensions).
  • Fixed an issue that prevented the &#xre;source% macro from working in the Page Prefix field.
  • Blocked the BBLauncher plugin from being loaded, due to widespread reports of it causing issues with RW5.
  • Numerous other small tweaks and enhancements.

Seasons Greetings from DV Host

We wish you and yours a Wonderful Holiday Season, a Happy Christmas and a Successful New Year from the whole team!

RapidWeaver Web Hosting Seasons Greetings

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